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“The Fall Seminar” with Professor Christian Kraler

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Zapraszamy na seminarium, które organizowane jest w ramach projektu Zintegrowany Program Rozwoju Dolnośląskiej Szkoły Wyższej. Odbędzie się ono 30 października od godz. 13.30-15.30 w sali 112 (budynek przy. ul. Strzegomskiej 55).

Learning in formal education

Learning is exciting. It affects everybody. We all learned, learn and will learn.
Sometimes learning can also be boring … as we all know from school…
Despite the many insights and findings, we have into learning, it turns out to be relatively difficult to pin down a satisfactory definition of the phenomenon. Actually the well-known working definition (or description) of “learning as a relatively permanent change in behavior as a consequence of experience” leads to logical difficulties and conceptual problems.

Definitions usually tend to stress static aspects of phenomena, what on the other hand makes them successful and useful.

In this lecture we focus on dynamical aspects of learning, especially in the context of formal learning in education. We will discuss a process-oriented model in the educational framework, latter usually structured by the didactic triangle (learner/s, teacher, content). The learning model is based upon pattern change, self-similarity, learning plateaus, stage concepts and spiral processes (developed by the lecturer and Irma Eloff, University of Pretoria). Thus we want to provide a transdisciplinary framework, to discuss learning processes and emerging patterns in multiple fields and topics.

Presenting the model, the lecture lives from contributions, examples, and considerations by the audience.